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Have you ever thought...

I need to bring a change for myself before life does it for me?

Sister, you are in the right place.
As a mom of 5 and an Entrepreneur, I KNOW that you are a giver, and always putting others needs and desires first.
Always striving to live up to the expectations of others.
But what are the expectations of yourself? 
Are you just moving through this life unsure of what your purpose actually is? And is there really only ONE in this entire lifetime?!

If you're anything like I was, I couldn't even choose the radio station in the car, let alone know what my purpose in life was, until one day, it all came to a head.

I could no longer deny how far from happiness and joy the life I was living was.

I felt disrespected, unheard, and unappreciated. I felt like everyone around me needed to change.

I couldn't have been further from the truth. The truth was, I needed to change. I needed to be honest with what I really needed and wanted.

I didn't WANT to say yes to doing everything and trying to be a super hero. I did and do want to serve, but in order to find balance... I had to find me, first. 

I needed to find myself, to be able to trust that I do know what is best. That I don't have to be perfect.

If this sounds like you and your journey...

it's time to go all in on yourself. 
And this is your opportunity. Serenity Maven Self Care Retreat.
3 days, 2 nights in a private room in the majestic Pacific Northwest.

To find yourself. To be able to trust that you do know what is best. That you don't have to be perfect.

These shifts changed my life. I believe and know they can help you too.

The Serenity Maven Retreat opportunity will allow you to reconnect with the you that you may have even left behind as a little girl....

Determined, confident, outspoken, unwavering in your knowing, and ready to face the world.

In a private setting you'll have self time, healing sessions, and life coaching. Not to mention some pretty amazing events planned with specific intentions for your epic transformation.

This is a high touch, high transformation retreat, and I am only taking 5 women on this journey of a lifetime. Secure your spot now paid in full or pay your deposit + 2 easy payments. 

Save my spot!

It's time for Radical Self Care

The Retreat includes three days, two nights with private accommodation in a healing atmosphere in beautiful Olympia, Washington. All meals and accommodations are included. 

This is a unique and high touch retreat with space for only five participants. There is extensive energy work through Reiki, journaling and group coaching. 

This retreat a hand picked gift bag by Honey herself to set you up with all the energetic and self care essentials to start your new journey off with support and ease.

Imagine, over the three days we will go deep into a transformation journey together of shifting beliefs, putting yourself first, finding more time in your life and energy healing.

Your transformation weekend begins with a healing circle and ends with an intention ceremony.  You will walk in a woman who needs to find her purpose and power in life and walk out a woman who has direction, clarity, focus and confidence.

I am ready! I need this!

I am so passionate about bringing you on a transformation because I went through a near death experience. Knowing and living in my purpose saved my life. 

I've created this experience for you to connect deeply with yourself.

To get away from all the distractions pulling you in a million other directions which is simply leaving you stuck.

When we connect with our highest self with intentional action, in those moments we can learn so much about ourselves, about our needs, desires and purpose.

Everything about this event is intentional.

This experience will allow you to give yourself the time to reset and fully re-connect.

Discover your true desires and release what is no longer serving you.

I will be there to support you and guide you through a transformational and life changing experience in the beautiful and majestic Pacific Northwest in the quaint town of Olympia.

Being open to gain new perspectives.  Discover who you be when you give yourself your time.

This will complete the reset and birthing of a new version of yourself.  Define your core authentic beliefs, so that you can align your mindset and actions to create a balanced wellness lifestyle. 

Each day starting and ending with journaling and intuitively guided meditations. You'll be supporting your whole health with clean eating for the ultimate TRIFECTA detoxing experience of mind, body and spirit.

You're invited to join me...

Mama Honey

Highly regarded Intuitive, Honey-Marie Love, serves as a certified Master Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher. She is also a Meditation Practitioner who is an expert in Crystal Healing and several other alternative healing practices. Before accomplishing these roles, she had to face and overcome circumstances that threatened to break her.

Today, Honey guides others in finding inner peace and healing, physically and mentally.

Honey wants this event to be accessible to you - if you need a payment plan, reach out and she will make an arrangement!

Message Honey

November 15-17

How would it feel...

To have 3 days of intuitively guided meditations for inner-child healing, cutting cords to people and the past that’s draining you, and deeply connecting you with your highest self and your life source, infused with Reiki, Essential Oils, and Crystal Healing energies.  Your subconscious mind being aligned with the life you dream of, without fears and expectations holding you back though the guided imagery woven into the meditations. You are a powerful creator and you are destined to be and achieve so much, dear one. Emerging from this retreat just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes you will feel peace, hope, freedom and an inferno of passion ignited to be the best version of you the world has experienced.  

In a peaceful, calm, and joyful setting, allowing you to dive deep into your journaling sessions every morning and night.  The quiet time you’ve been craving an promising yourself.

Your private/semi private room for 3 days and 2 nights is your personal sanctuary for extreme selfcare, filled with essentials for your self-care treatments.  You’ll be taking home new experiences and tools that will you’ll be able to continue and put into daily practice to continue to be the calm in the chaos.  To choose to be you, to be love, and to shine bright like only YOU are meant to SHINE!

Day One

You are welcomed with a warm grounding meal to help you settle in after your travel to your epic personal self-care journey and spiritual discovery in the Pacific Northwest.  After settling in the evening will be spent in a healing circle when Honey-Marie will intuitively lead you through a Heart Opening & Grounding Ceremony Igniting Your Intentions Of Awareness & Transformation & Preparing you for your
Life Changing Spiritual Experience

Reserve Your Spot - Deposit or Paid in Full

Day Two

 Wake up feeling the pressures of everyday life far away, starting with meditation, and journaling.   Fueling your mind, body, and spirit with clean eating, you’ll experience the Trifecta of alignment of your belief, thoughts, and actions.  

This day you will uplevel (or re-engage) your personal Healing Abilities with Reiki Attunement To Incorporate Healing Into Your New Personal Daily Self Care Lifestyle.
You will gain new perspectives and envision reaching new heights in your life, perhaps even face a fear. After landing, reconnect &  reground to Mother Earth by putting your bare feet directly on the ground and breathing the beautiful Olympia air.

Reserve your spot 3 options to choose from

Day Three

A second day of waking up feeling the pressures of everyday life feeling further and further away, starting again with meditation and journaling to reinforce the new practice you will continue when you return home.   Continuing to fuel your mind, body, and spirit with clean fuel.


Inner Child Healing continues during the group coaching session to Release the Past, Connect to the Present & Feel Empowered to embody your true essence and shine. 

This sacred space for me time is what I need. I'm in!

Intention Ceremony

Your final day you will embody a familiar sense of yourself.   We will have the closing ceremony, celebrating all you are and all you envision your life to be as a dreamer and visionary meant to shine your light and be the difference you want to see.   


As you leave, fueled with a self love and deep connection to your life source, a boxed lunch will be ready for you to fuel your body as you travel home, to your new way of BEING and ready to navigate your life as a Serenity Maven, an expert of peace with a tool box, creating your happiest life with hope, ignited passion, energy & renewed passion to continue to show up as your best self.  

You’re invited now to say YES to deepling connecting with connecting to your highest self and your life source - to BE YOU, to BE LOVE, and to SHINE BRIGHT like only YOU are meant to SHINE.  See you in Olympia dear one.

Spaces are already filling up!  2 private rooms left!


Ok I'm all in! Reserve my spot!

Pricing Options

Retreat Day Pass or Retreat with Private Room

Retreat Day Pass


Paid in Full

Friday Night - Healing Circle

Saturday - Full Day of Selfcare with Lunch

Sunday - Intention Ceremony


Signed Early Release Copy of the new book!

Serenity Maven Selfcare Set

(Room & Other Meals Not Included)

Yes! I want a Day Pass!

Retreat with Private Room


Paid Full w/ Discount

Private Room

Meals: Friday Night Dinner to Sunday Breakfast

Friday Night - Healing Circle

Saturday - Full Day of Selfcare

Sunday - Intention Ceremony


Signed Early Release Copy of the new book!

Serenity Maven Selfcare Set

Yes! I'm ready to pay in full!

Retreat with Private Room


Deposit + 2 Payments $333 each - $999

Private Room

Meals: Friday Night Dinner to Sunday Breakfast

Friday Night - Healing Circle

Saturday - Full Day of Selfcare

Sunday - Intention Ceremony


Signed Early Release Copy of the new book!

Serenity Maven Selfcare Set

Payments due by 11/15 & 12/15

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