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About the Podcast

The podcast for mom's shifting from surviving to thriving after trauma. Heal your inner child, while raising your own.

In this podcast you can expect..

  • Sharing and Teaching from Honey's experience and wisdom
  • Guest/Healing - experts and those needing help
  • Ask Mama Honey: help my guest identify the source of their physical and emotional pain & sickness


Family Relationships


Responding vs Reacting

Finding peace in chaos

Unwinding from the day - for the family

This podcast is for successful career moms who secretly have a family life they're not proud of, knowing they created it. Resulting in actions of anger, rage, sadness and frustration when all they want is to be heard, respected, and loved.

About your host: Honey-Marie

Author and highly regarded Psychic Intuitive, Honey-Marie Love, is the owner of an online Wellness Center and School of Intuitive Healing. Before accomplishing this she had to face and overcome circumstances that threatened to break her. Honey was raised by a single mother.  By the time she was a teenager she was no stranger to surviving.  Honey was not only orphaned when both her parents died when she was 17, but also a 2 time teen Mom at just 19 years old.  At 21 years old, she had her 3rd baby and Honey's corporate career started.

For over 20 years, Honey has successfully held leadership positions at a Fortune 100 company. Her most important role has been a mother of 5. Despite all she worked for, safety was her number one concern. After an 8 year abusive marriage, Honey and her family went into hiding. She used her drive and determination as a survivor to not only start over, but to also navigate her way through the diagnosis and medical journey of her youngest, who was born with a rare syndrome that has high risks for childhood cancers.

In 2017 a near death experience paused her career and prevented Honey from being a mom for five months. For almost three of those months, she barely left the bed. It was during this time that she began helping others through hundreds of daily inspirational messages and guided meditations on her Facebook page.

She continue to share her wisdom through her speaking, podcast and book, "Stop Burnout Now - The Serenity Maven's Guide to Balanced Wellness".

You're invited to start with the first episode now - Episode 1: Mama Honey's Confessions


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