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Dear one,

Highly regarded Intuitive, Honey-Marie Love, helps professionals shift from surviving to thriving. She serves as an experienced Transformational Life Coach trained by the award winning Seattle's Life Coach Training and Reiki Master Teacher trained under Sarah Nolan with Vibrant Life Natural Healing.

Before accomplishing these roles, she had to face and overcome circumstances that threatened to break her. This includes in 2017 when a near death experience paused her career and prevented Honey from being a mom for four months.

Today, Honey is the intuitive healer & life coach that helps you shift from surviving to thriving by defining your core beliefs, then align your mindset and actions so that you can create balance and live your destiny.

In her podcast, Finding Mommy's Soft Voice: Family Healing with Mama Honey the Serenity Maven, listeners will find the raw honesty freeing for navigating your own childhood wounding. Allowing you clarity to see how it is showing up in your own parenting and other areas of your life.














"Honey is full of love and is so compassionate about other people. She reached out to me when she sensed I was going through a rough time. She was right. I've had an angel card reading done by her and yesterday a reiki session online! I felt instant gratitude when the session was over and felt very relaxed. I'd highly recommend her. Thank you again!!!"


"I was going through one of the worst times in my life just recently and she gave me a [virtual] treatment that really, not just shifted the energy for me, but everyone in my household. I not only believe wholeheartedly in what she does, but I believe that she's a gifted nurturer. [Honey] does this from her soul and has the ability to just truly shift energy or things could move before if you haven't already checked her out I would! Truly life changing for me! I love u mama, thanks for what u do!"

Zahira at Reiki by Zee
Client, Professional Reiki Master

" My dog Doobie dislocated his knee cap and it wouldnt stay in place. The Vet gave me anti-inflammatories and joint vitiamins. But said he would need Orthopedic surgery. I was so upset not having that kind of money. Honey said she could do a Reiki session. Of course I will try anything Doobie has sat on the couch for 2 weeks so unhappy. A day after the session Doobie was perky and had energy, by the 3 rd day he was walking!! Thank you Honey!"

Stacy with her dog Doobie
Client & Doobie's Mama

"Honey was kind, insightful and it was a wonderful experience. I learned a great deal about what is going on in my life and what I need to work on. I will be going back!"


Our Focus

We like to call it the "Trifecta." Everything works together.


Our Thoughts

Based on our experiences and awareness.


What We Do

Our choices and actions.


Our Beliefs

Who we truly are


What speaks to your soul?

Clarity Coaching Call

Do you need clarity about a specific issue? Speak to your intuitive coach and healer about it!

Reiki Energy Healing Session (60 mins)

Clear blockages and align your spirit to work for your highest good with reiki energy healing

New Moon Meditation

Meditate with the energy of the New Moon to set new intentions and purge old beliefs with this recorded mediation

Select Your Plan

Each plan is centered around the Trifecta. It is up to you to decide which plan will help you most on your spiritual journey. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, which one is right for me?

The Receiver



60 minute private session

Energy Healing - Reiki combined with Transformational Life Coaching


The Healer



Reiki I Certification

Lifetime of Healing Self, People, Pets, & Plants


The Master Healer



Reiki I, II, & II Certifications

Crystal Healing

Lead Guided Meditations


Peace, Happiness, Health, Love & Passion are yours!

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